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About the Book

IMP the IMPossible Quest is the story of an Italian baker, Angelo, who is always angry because life didn’t turn out the way he had always desired. Life seems to go in the same direction until one unfortunate day when everything in Angelo’s life is demolished, even his breaths. People in his surroundings are glad that the chapter of his life finally ended. Little do they know that this is actually the beginning of his new life as an Imp. IMP the IMPossible Quest a tale of good versus evil, but in an unconventional way. The story is full of unexpected turns and demonic events where at one point, Angelo is about to conquer the world and at other, he is at the verge of losing his second life.


About the Author

Colin E Johnson is a New York Time bestselling author. The main genre that writes on is science fiction where he introduces the readers to different unusual characters that live in his imaginations. Colin writes sweet, fun and action-packed mysteries that keep the readers engaged till the last page of the book.

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